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Kira (The Dark Crystal) Heroes and Villains Wiki Fandom Kira (The Dark Crystal) Heroes and Villains Wiki Fandom Kira (The Dark Crystal) Heroes and Villains Wiki Fandom Kira (The Dark Crystal) Heroes and Villains Wiki Fandom Cat: výhry will let her priatelku go if she gives them the shard that will heal the Crystal.

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Despite Jen yelling to leave her alone if they take it, Kira refuses and tells her friend to heal the Dark Crystal.

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Throwing the shard, Kira.

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Upon arriving outside the Castle, Kira charged at a troop of Garthim carrying Podlings taken from her village.

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After the Garthim killed the Landstriders, Kira took Jen and, using her wings, descended the Castle moat and the pair entered via the Teeth of Skreesh.

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Within the catacombs, they were attacked by skekSil, who buried Jen under textom a rock slide and dragged.

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Kira was one of only two surviving Gelfling following the Garthim War (the other being Jen).Rescued by the Podlings after her mother was dragged off by the Garthim, she learned to live in harmony with the woodland creatures that inhabited.

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She was taught herbalism and how to speak to living things.

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Nov 07, 2019 Here's why Arden Cho didn't return.

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Kira for Teen Wolf's final season.

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The original Teen Wolf movie is a 1985 comedy inspired by 1950's b-movie I Was A Teenage is was notably the first horror movie to feature a teenage monster, but Teen Wolf would take a decidedly lighthearted approach to the concept.

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Fox (Designated Survivor) played the titular character, a teen who.

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Ydra is the foster mother.

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Kira in The Dark Crystal.

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A old kindly Podling, she found.

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Kira when she was just a child, after the latter lost her e Podling took her in, raising the Gelfling as her own daughter.

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Kira returns to the village, Ydra is shocked and delighted to see Jen as she, and the rest of the world, had assumed only one Gelfling had survived.

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Derek Hale is one of the main characters in the first four seasons of MTV's Teen Wolf.

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Derek initially served as a mentor to Scott McCall, but the relationship soured after Derek became an Alpha and began making choices Scott found immoral.